We deal in digital.

Purr is a London-based team that excels in web development, app development, digital consultancy and project management. [email protected] +44 (0) 20 3137 5612
+1 646 9346428
Purr Digital

Our web and app development team takes your (or your design partner’s) digital concepts and delivers them beautifully – on-time, in-house, and with a focus on clear communication.

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Purr Consulting

Our consultancy arm maximises company potential through tech – from examining and improving processes to reinventing, our expertise unlocks tangible efficiencies.

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Purr Ventures

We invest significantly in our own projects, and those of our team, acting as an incubator to build new products, constantly delving into new technologies and IoT devices.

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Central London Studio

Our work takes place on our home turf – Fitzrovia/Soho. Why not base our developers overseas and cut costs? Because it causes delays, communication issues and results in lower quality output.

We’ve customised our pad to meet our needs (and love of beer and pool), and our growing hacker-space allows us to play with IoT technology and hardware challenges.

Development Manifesto

We regularly review our technical processes (“dev ops” is the industry term) and see what’s out there too, to assess what we should adopt – and what’s just a fad.

As we learn and improve, we adapt our skillsets and toolsets to match. This all gets documented and forms what we call our “manifesto”. It forms the basis of every project we work on, and is part of our team’s ongoing commitment to quality and innovation.

We’re one trick ponies

We’re coders, and we’d never pretend to be anything else.

So if you need a web or UX designer, digital marketing expert, or any of the myriad of services that we would never dream to be experts at, we’ll recommend a selection of our trusted partners to work with.

In return, we act as development partners for a number of other agencies from all manner of industry sectors. Read more about our partnership services and process, including white-labelling, by clicking here.

A team to rely on

Our approach is to reduce the barrier between clients and coders wherever possible. We hire people who embody our values (Human, Reliable, Experts, Ingenious and Keen), base them in our London studio and ensure that effective communication is at the heart of all we do.

Nick Ellison Founder & MD
James Bennett Head of Development
Emma Duke Operations Manager
Aaron Dunphy Lead PHP Developer
Rob Morrisby Digital Project Consultant
Angus Allman Lead Laravel Developer
Szymon Sporysz Lead Web Developer
Shirley Deng Senior Developer
Stuart Cooper Developer
Piero Nanni Developer
Emilie Danenberg Developer
James Hayes Developer
Adrian Cristea Developer
Faith Pius Project Manager

Want to join?

We strive to provide satisfying, challenging work, plenty of room for growth, a whole heap of benefits and a flexible, relaxed environment to work in.


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+1 646 9346428
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