Why are we called Purr?

We’re often asked, where did the name “Purr” came from? Cat lovers? A reference to servers humming away in the background? The answer is far simpler.

When we started as “Purr Digital” back in 2013, the name came after a long search. We’d intended to be called “Panther” (following a bar bet) but couldn’t find a suitable domain. Purr was the next best thing.

Most people back in the day tended to think that we were referencing viral cat videos.

Cat purr
Not a viral cat meme reference, really

Whilst we weren’t totally clear on the brand message to start with, we’ve come to realise that our brand is about keeping our team and our clients satisfied.

Cats are thought to have developed purring as an evolutionary advantage to convey reassurance between cats and nursing kittens.

We want to reassure our clients in all we do. Developers tend to have bad reputations for communication and letting clients down. We strive to communicate better, be honest and transparent to develop trusting relationships. That’s why we purr.

Hence our value proposition:

Articulate & intelligent onshore UK development agency

If you need a specialist technical partner for your website, internal software or app, Purr Digital will outperform through honest and upfront communication, education and consultancy.

We achieve this through

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