Research and Development Tax Relief

February 5, 2020

Do you want to keep your company on top of its game, and even develop new products with your name? Then keep reading to find out the benefits of investing in Research and Development

Cyber Security: An overlooked necessity for SMEs

In the past year Facebook was the subject of worldwide scrutiny when it was revealed that millions of unencrypted Instagram passwords had been stored online in plain text. What does this mean for the rest of us? Follow us on this ride on the cautious...

Super-powered search: Algolia vs Elasticsearch

Read on to find out our opinions on Algolia vs Elasticsearch. Search is something which almost any site or app with more than a few pages can benefit from. Whether it’s a small CRM, a forum in a niche corner of the internet or a...

Technical Debt: The Simple Reality

Technical Debt is a term that refers to the concept in software engineering (and hence web development and app development) that taking shortcuts early on in the development process can prove to be a false economy and that a better approach (that might take longer...

9 ways we made our company more sustainable

Find out a few easy steps you can take to become a more sustainable company.