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9 ways we made our company more sustainable

July 18, 2019

Why focus on sustainability?

Sustainability is important to us as a small business and employer. Find out about the techniques we’ve employed to improve sustainability and environmental responsibility below.

1. Ditching plastic bags

These are awful – but also quite convenient. To break the habit, our employees are not allowed to buy new bags with company money. Instead, we encourage them to take reusable bags from the office when popping out for a shop.

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2. Offsetting our CO2 emissions

We need electricity to power all our servers and computers. We offset these CO2 emissions by working with tree-planting initiatives! We even have a cool certificate to, uh, certify it.

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3. Reusable water bottles

What is the point of buying a new bottle every time? Just get one that will serve you for years and refill it for free like all of our developers (or just grab a glass, if you want to be retro).

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4. Using recycled printer paper

While we don’t remember when we last printed something, it surely was on recycled paper. And double-sided too!

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5. Healthy snacks

We have switched from biscuits to fruits. This not only improves the long-time wellbeing of our employees, but also spares us the plastic packaging by buying loose apples and bananas.

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6. Saving food from going to waste

And when we do have the OCCASIONAL sweet tooth, we opt for rescuing perfectly delicious food that would otherwise be thrown out by restaurants. Too Good To Go has all the muffins, pastries and cakes we could dream of.

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7. Recycling

Way too much recyclable material is going to landfill – such a waste! If you really need that strawberry Frappuccino, put it in the right bin when ya done.

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8. Switching to bar soap

The liquid stuff comes in a plastic bottle with a non-recyclable pump, is expensive and non-efficient. Long live bar soap!

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9. Cycle scheme

A tax break on bikes encourages employees to get some exercise, save money on commuting and help the planet.

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