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The Brief

An existing display advertising company wanted to launch a new product – effectively a search engine that would query all known display advertising in a given area, from all suppliers simultaneously. Its distinguishing feature was that it would also include bus routes passing through the area, and identify journeys that people might be taking. Picking ad spots in the area would generate a campaign plan, and be purchasable from within the application.

Adplan Ruby on Rails / React development

Our Solution

Working alongside the company’s design firm (Page Creative), we developed a Rails application capable of importing and storing the myriad of exported data from the various industry suppliers of display advertising. We then hooked this into travel APIs capable of supplying the bus data and ran optimisation to speed up the query process.

A React based front end keeps the User Experience lightweight and fast, and means that the map never needs to be reloaded. We remain involved in active development of this project.

Adplan Ruby on Rails / React development

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