Alistair Dent: Technology doesn’t solve problems, your team and strategy does

January 31, 2022

Alistair started off as an Analyst for Deloitte Consulting, then worked his way up to Director of Paid Media at Periscopix, an online advertising campaign agency (PPC, SEO, Paid Social, etc). Since then, Alistair has worked at iProspect, Mismico, and iCrossing.

In this episode of Exploring Digital, I sit down with Alistair Dent of Profusion. Profusion is a data agency that specialises in predictive modelling, email marketing, business intelligence, and customer satisfaction. Alistair is the Chief Strategy Officer for Profusion. He holds both an undergraduate and master’s degree in Economics.

In this episode, we cover:The problems technology doesn’t solve that your team and strategy does Why marketing leaders are better equipped to understand data than CEOs  Why businesses are struggling with low-quality data and what to do with it

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