Two Clients in the Deloitte Fast 50

December 17, 2020

We are proud of the work we do and love doing it for ambitious and driven companies. It has been announced that two of our startup clients (Elder, #34, and Loyalty Lion, #46) have been listed on Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 so read on to learn about the winners and how we’ve supported their growth.

Deloitte Fast 50

Deloitte Fast 50

Every year, Deloitte selects UK based tech companies for one of the most respected award programmes. Twenty-three years on, they select the winners based on revenue growth over the last four years.


Elder’s marketing team had many limitations when it came to content entry, design, and user experience on their existing website. Built on the Contentful platform, the business grew rapidly but their site was not able to keep up with their needs.

They wanted to migrate over 1,000 pages of content to a more flexible platform that would also allow them to improve performance and as a result their organic traffic.

Despite having an internal development team, they needed to stay focussed on the development of their product so they reached out to us to support their migration.

As part of our process, we created the new site structure on WordPress using Gutenberg blocks. The next step required to develop a bespoke “interrogation” and “translation” process so the information from Contentful was transcribed correctly into WordPress. This process reduced the time needed to migrate over 1,000 pages of content to just a few minutes.

We’ve built the new site to be as future proof as possible. Despite the complexity of the migration, our full rebuild and migration took just three months. Elder have now a more flexible and efficient content entry system and the improved performance of the new website ensures users engage with the content more easily.

Loyalty Lion

Loyalty Lion’s challenges were different. Their influence in other countries grew fast so they needed to ensure essential elements shown on the website, such as language and currency, displayed accordingly.

Similar to Elder, their engineering team was extremely busy with product development so we supported their efforts to be relevant to each territory.

To solve Loyalty Lion’s challenges, we created separate versions of their website. This ensured most of the content was automatically duplicated in both languages but it overwrote content if there were regional differences. Currency also switched automatically based on language.

These changes improved their SEO and the team has complete autonomy to publish new updates on both versions simultaneously as well as control to showcase different content in different regions.

Both companies have proven to be really hard working and we are excited to keep working with them.

Elder screenshot
Loyalty Lion

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