From idea to fast-growth startup

October 26, 2020

In this episode, we spoke with Thomas Young, Co-Founder and CEO at TapTrip.

TapTrip is a B2B travel tech company. Their platform automates expense reporting. Just scan receipts on-the-go and submit expenses reports. Expenses made the easy way.

In this chat, we explored the journey of a young entrepreneur, how to take a project from idea to funding, the opportunities for startups to enter accelerators, and much more.

How to build a startup from the ground up?

Thomas is a young serial entrepreneur. He has had failures and successes in building tech startups. During this chat, he gave use his insights on how to turn a basic idea with a limited team and resources into a fast-growth startup.

At Purr, we build our proprietary products that allow all our departments to be unified into a digital ecosystem. And this is what TapTrip has achieved for their company. Thanks to their previous experience going through accelerator programmes, the team has all the experience needed to raise funds and turn an idea into a sustainable and scalable business.

These and many more insights about TapTrip’s work and how tech allows them to disrupt the industry in our latest episode of Exploring Digital with Purr.

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