Online events: Disrupting through tech applications

October 19, 2020

In this episode, we spoke with Angela Wilbraham, Founder and CEO at A-Team Group.

A-Team Group is a financial PR and publishing company that has focused most of its growth and business efforts in developing an online platform to host its online events and conferences.

In this chat, we explored the need for applying tech as a long-term solution, the evolution of the industry and the importance in understanding if a business is fully prepared to include technology as part of its innovation efforts.

Tech is a great solution. Is your business really ready for it?

We advocate for technology being an incredible solution in the long run. Technology has been a part of our business since the very beginning and we support clients and partners in their efforts to become tech-first.

Angela has a similar mindset. She explains she and her business partner decided to focus their content delivery online very early on but she then realised her business was not in a good shape to apply forward thinking solutions unless other changes were made.

These and many more insights about Copper’s work and how tech allows them to disrupt the industry in our latest episode of Exploring Digital with Purr.

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