4 Reasons Why Removing Tech Silos Will Benefit Your Company

October 13, 2020

Very aptly named, a silo mentality creates a barrier between divisions of the company, destroying trust, cutting off communications, and building frustration. In a digital age, these barriers can be the anchor that sinks your company, especially now that companies are more dependent on technology than ever before.

Tech Silos

1. Tech silos hold your company back

There are many types of silos, but one thing they share is that they impede divisions in your company from forming a unified team. 

Breaking down the silo mentality should not only be a priority for your company at any stage but particularly during today’s business climate when the repercussions of a global pandemic have forced countless organisations to rely heavily on technology and to turn to a virtual workspace.

This is where tech silos can become your biggest enemy.

2. A non-digital company will not survive

Going digital may appear as a costly commitment. Still, it’s those that adopt and adapt to a changing climate who survive the longest.  A lack of tech familiarity is no excuse when it comes to choosing between upgrading your current process and knowledge base and going out of business.

For example, the Brooklyn Museum in New York used iBeacon to find out what artwork each visitor preferred (the museum would track how long a visitor dwelled on a particular object and send the visitor more information on it.) 

3. A digitally friendly company is the way forward

The failure of a digital strategy has less to do with the competence of a team than with the culture of an organisation

Innovators make the top tier of a digitally friendly company. Their ability to experiment and stay unafraid of failure is what distinguishes them from non-digital companies. But innovators are not the only ones who make up a company.

A flexible mentality can get you far, especially when you come to terms with the fact that your digital strategy is never set in stone. Staying agile and adapting your structure towards innovation (as opposed to the other way around) can expand your potential. 

Being digitally friendly also means coming together to solve a specific problem, turning first to a digital solution. For example, moving services online to reduce costs, increase efficiency and better serve customers.

Being digitally friendly doesn’t stop there, but it does boil down to adaptability and redefining approaches, particularly when it comes to problem-solving. 

4. Technology trends are here to stay

Removing tech silos and adopting a digitally friendly approach has never been more critical for companies that want to get through what is quickly becoming “the next normal”. Covid-19 has accelerated technology trends and redefined our digital age. 

Being digitally ready means having the necessary infrastructure to thrive in a digitised world. When departments self-impose technological barriers, an approach to technology governance is vastly reduced. Breaking down these barriers by eliminating technology silos, particularly during a global pandemic, is essential in keeping a business afloat.

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