The Brief

Kroll, a premier global risk and transparency firm, with over 5,000 employees worldwide, had a client that needed to be able to process a large number of PDF documents relating to PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) claims, that could then be valued. Due to a high volume of document pages per claim, the existing method was painstakingly slow and inefficient. Our brief was to build Kroll a tool that made it easy for their clients to analyses large documents of data at speed and increase their capacity to deal with a large number of claims at once.

Our solution

Using Ruby on Rails, the team at Purr built an application that integrated with Amazon Web Services’ Textract technology, so the necessary data and information needed for the PPI claim could be intelligently extracted from the supplied documents. The system allowed documents to be processed in queues and process multiple DSARs (Data Subject Access Request) simultaneously. Having extracted the data, our AI-driven processes identified and processed the data for over 25 different lender DSAR credit agreement formats, then validated and QC’d the data to ensure they would be compliant with third party valuation tools.

This new tool is saving Kroll’s clients hundreds of hours of laborious work and is helping them focus on their core services to their clients, reducing the time taken to process a document by over 95% on average.