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Custom Software Development

Custom software development used to require a specific set of different skills, programming languages, and technologies that made it prohibitively expensive. Thanks to advances in web browser technology, functionality and JavaScript libraries, it’s now much more affordable for smaller businesses to build their own platforms using something called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). If we’re at the helm of your project, our software development is reliable and efficient, meaning you keep your development costs down too.

For us, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. We won’t supply you with a generic package, but instead bespoke software that will match your specification perfectly. This means that the ever-changing needs of your users are easier to adapt to in the future. When your business needs to expand, our bespoke software can be adjusted accordingly.

Often we’ll be brought in to build in a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), but sometimes the brief is clearer from the start – all the way up to full SaaS products, CRMs, Database Solutions, Process Automation or Workflow Solutions.

Lots of businesses in the UK are now benefiting from HMRC Research and Development Tax relief through developing custom software. A number of our clients have been able to claim back on their corporation tax for custom software that they’ve helped to develop. Get in touch and one of our R&D partners can help assess the likelihood of any potential claim.

Bespoke software deserves bespoke support, so we’re always there in the background should you need us. For our ongoing support options, check out our Support & Service Level Agreements page.

API Development & Integration

Some projects nowadays (especially systems integration projects) require heavy Application Program Interface (API) interfaces. We’re experts at building solutions to integrate with APIs (and have also built a number of our own to power mobile apps). If you know you need APIs in your project, you’re in the right place. Contact us below to find out more.

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