Content Management

Your website’s content defines who you are online – it can be the difference between success and failure. And as Bill Gates declared back in 1996, “content is king!”.

If you want to create regular digital content that demonstrates knowledge of your field, yet is personable and communicates your brand values, you’ll need us to customise a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is probably the best-known CMS around, accounting for 32% of all sites on the internet and we pride ourselves on our extensive experience working with it, as well as other CMS’s like Drupal and SilverStripe.

We’ll install and tailor the right CMS for you, enabling fine control of your website and the content you’re putting out there. You can monitor, edit and add to your online presence without knowing any code whatsoever, plus structure your content updates around your overall PR or marketing plan.

Through using a CMS, we give you the tools to rank higher on Google and stay secure (like Yoast, WordFence…). And if you keep your content fresh and up to date, your site will appear far more active and relevant to customers – and this is all stuff you can do (without our help!) once your CMS is implemented and in action.

CMSs are designed to be user-friendly out of the box, and we ensure that our customisation work keeps usability at the forefront, so your staff will be quick to pick up the basics of  CMS use. You can even choose who has access to what content, so that editorial controls are in place and information can’t be edited or deleted accidentally.

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