Online Portals

We build online portals that maximise the efficiency and potential of your business, whether that’s for your customers or suppliers. We know that an accessible portal site must be easy to navigate plus cope with influxes of new content. This content must be clean and clear to look at, capable of handling large amounts of information.

Businesses often want to improve an existing SharePoint installation to offer an improved design, that’s more accessible to stakeholders. We build connections from SharePoint to either WordPress and Drupal to pull out content.

Customer Portal

Your business needs to connect with customers in the same way that social media does, engaging regularly with valued clients . A 24/7 accessible portal site improves your communication,so that you can respond to queries or requests quickly, maintaining positive client relationships.

Supplier Portal

Suppliers often need a central access platform that allows for open and improved communication and requirement sharing.  

Employee Portal

Generally these are referred to as an Intranet.

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