Support & SLA

Websites and apps are living, breathing things. They need SLA guaranteed ongoing maintenance and support to keep them up-to-date and functioning smoothly,.

We want to provide you with exactly the right level of help that you need and avoid any disruptions or downtime. Our support packages are tailored to the project so we’re there to help when you need us, as much or as little as necessary. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or support on an ad-hoc basis, are available depending on the level of continuing assistance that you and your business require.

Support agreements mean that, for a set fee, we dedicate a fixed amount of time to your project each month. We check and monitor your site continually so that if anything goes wrong, we can get onto the problem and fix it as a matter of urgency. The SLA part guarantees the availability and response time of our team.

An ongoing support agreement isn’t necessary for every business though, so ad-hoc support may be more suitable for you. Purchasing support on this basis is not only more flexible but it puts you in charge of how we spend that time assisting you.

Managed WordPress and Drupal Support SLA Packages

We offer specific managed packages for the hosting, maintenance and support of WordPress and Drupal websites.

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