Creative Agency Developer Survey

Tell us how developers are getting it wrong!

We want to know why designers and developers traditionally don’t get on. We’ve heard all the stories, but want to put some numbers behind the hearsay, and try and identify the key pitfalls for designers and developers when working with each other, in the many different forms this can take (internal, client-side, overseas, freelance, local partner, etc.).

We’ve put together a ten-minute creative agency survey which we’re sending out to the directors of creative agencies in the UK, with a goal of getting enough data to produce a report of our findings and suggested resolutions to key pain points  – which we’ll share for free with everyone who fills out the survey. We’ve estimated* that we need roughly 100 entries to make our findings statistically significant; we’re already 20% of the way there, and we’re already seeing some fascinating results.

Creative Agency Survey

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*Based off an estimated population of 10,000 appropriate creative agencies in the UK, a margin of error of 10% and confidence level of 95%.

Creative agency survey - Explanation of sample size calculator