Web Development Brief Checklist

How to write a web development brief

We’ve put together the following aide-memoire for producing a web development project brief.  Not all questions are relevant to all projects but should provide a general framework for all such projects.

By no means does every question need to be answered, but the more questions that are answered, the more accurate a quote can be. If you don’t know the meaning of a question, then we can help with clarifying – but it could well be that it doesn’t apply or is overkill for the site in mind.


Existing Website

If the web development brief is to replace an existing website, then consider the following:




You may be totally in the dark about this section, so don’t worry too much if the terminology is confusing. A good agency should be able to assist with fleshing out this part of a web development brief.


Digital Marketing


Project Delivery

Legal and Data Protection

Procurement Process

A core part of a web development brief is explaining how you’d like to be responded to. Don’t make it harder for the agency than it needs to be!

Writing a web development brief is hard!

Plenty to think about! Do let us know below if we can help with developing your web development brief (or even being able to quote for it afterward!).

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