SilverStripe is a free, open source Content Management System (CMS) and Framework built in PHP. It is used for creating and maintaining websites and web applications. Users can make, manage and modify parts of the website through an out of the box web-based admin panel and it includes a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWIG) web-editor.

The core of the software is SilverStripe Framework and it separates the roles of content authors and website designers / developers. This is very different to most Content Management System products as they allow technical web development tasks to be executed within a GUI. It also contrasts with frameworks that offer no out-of-the-box content authoring application and SilverStripe’s innovative approach makes the process less complex for content authors and provides more flexibility to developers.

The SilverStripe Framework uses an object-orientated design, for example the use of name-spacing, and through a custom template language, it generates markup to offer placeholders and conditional logic. The system’s functionality can be extended through modules, widgets, themes and code customisation, it only requires a compatible web server and SQL database. These are all available as a free downloads and most of them are community contributed.

The software is developed by the website development company SilverStripe Limited that was founded in 2000. The development of the software started in 2005 to take full advantage of object orientation and new features in PHP 5, and by 2010 it had been downloaded 250,000 times.

Our development teams have used SilverStipe on a number of projects in the past and would be happy to discuss any potential projects you have in mind for the platform.

Do you have a project built in SilverStripe that you’d like to migrate to another platform? Or do you have something you’d like moved over to SilverStripe? Check out our list of migrations for more details about how we work.

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