PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is an open source Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBS) and is regarded one of the most advanced open source database systems.

It can be used for a variety of different apps from small single-machine applications to large internet-facing applications that has multiple users.

This system developed from the Ingres project, lead by Michael Stonebraker in 1982, by 1985 he started working on a post-ingres project, POSTGRES, with the aim to resolve the main issues found with database systems of that time. It wasn’t until 1996 that PostgresSQL became the new project name and the system known as version 6.0 was released in 1997. Since this initial release, the project has been developed and maintained by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, with releases of updated versions almost annually.

They are a group formed by multiple companies and individual contributors. The design allows it to be ACID-compliant and transactional, it offers views, materialised views, triggers and foreign keys; and it supports expendability. It was initially designed to run on platforms similar to UNIX but can now be run cross platform on Mac OS x, Solaris and Windows, Mac OS make it the default server.

Performance improvements have been carried out with new yearly releases, this approach to improve the scalability began with version 8.1. 8.4 was released in 2009 and proved to be 10 times faster than version 8, released only 4 years prior in 2005.

Our development teams have used PostgreSQL on a number of projects in the past and would be happy to discuss any potential projects you have in mind for the platform.

Do you have a project built on this system that you’d like to migrate to another platform? Or do you have something you’d like moved over to this system? Check out our list of migrations for more details about how we work.

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