Shopify Themes

Shopify Themes form part of the Shopify eCommerce SaaS platform, on the front end. Whilst there are hundreds of free and premium themes available for Shopify to download that can change the website’s default presentation and design characteristics, the possibilities for custom themes are limitless. The themes are developed through standardised formats that can be generated by common third -party theme design engines.

Theme developers design their site by using front-end techniques like HTMLCSS, and JavaScript. To create a fast and efficient process Shopify provides a framework as a starting point for users who then only have to alter specific templates. Shopify provides a basic HTML template for elements on the site that can be overridden by a theme, this then alters the generated markup. Themes are generally used for three main purposes such as changing the HTML markup of any element on the site; adding CSS styles to alter the presentation of pages, and to use JavaScript. Generally, themes make changes to HTML markup and simultaneously create new CSS files to develop layouts and overall presentation of pages on a site. JavaScript alters the user’s interaction with the content of the page.

Our development teams have developed Shopify Themes for a number of projects in the past and would be happy to discuss any potential projects you have in mind for the platform.

Do you have a project built on Shopify that you’d like to migrate to another platform? Or do you have something you’d like moved over to Shopify? Check out our list of migrations for more details about how we work.

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