Vue is an open-source, progressive, front-end library framework written in Javascript. Vue has been rewritten several times since its initial version, but the core principles of reactivity and ease of development have always been priorities in each iteration.

Much like several other modern JavaScript frameworks, Vue is based on custom components which can be written to create small, reusable sections of a website or webpage. This allows the developer to put in the initial work of building the ‘building blocks’, but then, later down the line, they can compose whole pages by slotting these components together. Using Vue Router it’s possible to build entire sites out of components without the page ever needing to refresh at all which helps to give the user a fluid, modern experience when browsing a site made with Vue.

At the time of writing, Vue 2 is the most up to date version but it’s been said by Evan You, the creator of Vue, that a version 3 is in the works and will be significantly faster and smaller at run-time. The core team of maintainers behind Vue have achieved these speed improvements by completely rewriting the Virtual DOM and changing the way in which Vue’s reactivity works. The reactivity in version 3 will use ES2015 proxies as opposed to the getters and setters of Vue 2. With regard to making the library smaller at run-time, the upcoming version will use a technique called Tree Shaking to eliminate any aspect of the library which is not being in your website or web app.

With the recent introduction of the React hooks API, the Vue maintainers will be implementing an experimental version of a similar API into this upcoming version of Vue.

Our development teams have used Vue in a number of projects in the past and would be happy to discuss any potential projects you have in mind for the platform.

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