We come to play

Everyone at Purr is encouraged to try new things – we mess about with new tech, break stuff and rebuild: it’s called Purr Ventures. We’re all in this to enjoy it. [email protected] +44 (0) 20 3137 5612
+1 646 9346428
Purr Ventures 1

A team of inventors and innovators

To keep our skills fresh, we always push our team to try new technologies and techniques – developing ideas and concepts is the best real world way of doing it.

Purr Ventures 2 Nick Ellison Founder & MD
Purr Ventures 3 James Bennett Head of Development
Purr Ventures 4 Emma Duke Operations Manager
Purr Ventures 5 Aaron Dunphy Lead PHP Developer
Purr Ventures 6 Rob Morrisby Digital Project Consultant
Purr Ventures 7 Angus Allman Lead Laravel Developer
Purr Ventures 8 Szymon Sporysz Lead Web Developer
Purr Ventures 9 Kate Buxton App Developer
Purr Ventures 10 Stuart Cooper App Developer
Purr Ventures 11 Piero Nanni Web Developer
Purr Ventures 12 Emilie Danenberg Web Developer
Purr Ventures 13 James Hayes Web Developer
Purr Ventures 14 Adrian Cristea Web Developer
Purr Ventures 15 Marc-André Deschamps Web Developer

Ideas blossoming?

If you’re a developer and would like to work in a team where innovation is rewarded and encouraged then read on.


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+1 646 9346428
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