There are a number of wonderful web development bootcamp companies out there that specialise in bringing complete novices into the world of coding, with the goal of getting them a job in the industry by the end of an intensive training course. Makers Academy, Le Wagon, General Assembly – we’ve hired developers from all of them, so you can be assured they do a good job.

We’ve noticed an opening in the market for developers who want to be genuinely full stack; who want to work in a digital agency environment, rather than a product or startup environment. One where every day brings new challenges and new projects, new and existing customers and the experience of working in a team working on a dozen projects simultaneously. We believe that this is the best environment to grow quickly as a developer – so we’re opening up our playbook and syllabus to the general public.

Web Developer Bootcamp

Launching Autumn 2019, Purr Academy aims to find a group of individuals looking to push themselves and take on the challenge of becoming an agency coder; with simulated and real-world challenges throughout the course. We aim to produce coders that can take on the world.

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web developer bootcamp

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